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Everything Should Have Its Place in Your Pantry


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Everything Should Have Its Place in Your Pantry

Often a kitchen design project starts with a customer’s frustration with a lack of kitchen pantry cabinets. We enjoy designing kitchens where everything has its place. In professional kitchens, the French term, “Mise en Place” is a must have. So why not in your home kitchen. Homeowners run into trouble when everyone in the house is not on the same page and haphazardly puts open boxes of pasta or miscellaneous small appliances away without a concern for next time, or the next person. So we can design the best kitchen pantry storage solutions in New Jersey but you will need to also get everyone else in the house to use these solutions. Deal? Well, let’s take a look at some of our kitchen storage options available.

Kitchen Storage Pantry Cabinets

We believe every home has its own personality and unique set of challenges. Kitchen cabinetry has come a long way in their interior design options. We like to get a brief inventory of what tools, small equipment and cookware is currently being used and how often from our customers. We ask about your family’s cooking habits, common ingredients, the use of “The Spice Rack”, cooking wines, canned / packaged dry goods. To help us paint a picture of how and who spends time in the kitchen. From this discussion, we can begin filling in our cabinetry template with customized solutions like: 
  • Pull Out Cabinet Systems for Cooking Pans
  • Organized Kitchen Drawers with Label Bins
  • Hidden Butler Pantry Cabinets for your Coffee, Mugs, Favorite Beverages
  • Spice Rack Organizers
  • Vertically Divided Cabinets for Cutting Boards and Service Platters
  • Frosted Glass for the Pantry Doors
  • Bakery Ingredient Storage if You Like to Bake
Kitchen Storage Pantry Cabinets

These are just a few of the ideas we like to consider when designing kitchen cabinets when actual pantry space is limited. But sometimes, there is some serious pantry space available that we can incorporate into the design. 

Sliding Barn Doors for the Pantry are In

Sliding Barn Doors Pantry

Yes this look has been around for quite some time and it definitely works for a kitchen pantry entryway. The organization of what lies beyond the sliding barn doors requires thought and real design skills. It is not unusual we tap the expertise closet designers like our friend Rachel from Closets Redesigned , who is also an interior designer. They design custom storage solutions that are both functional and creative.

Barry of Closet Possible has also been helpful on certain projects. Not on kitchen pantries yet but I sense that time will come. His specialty is organizing bedroom closet spaces and we have tapped his ingenuity there on occasion. 

Pantry Storage Solutions in NJ

We believe good, overhead task lighting with a few recessed ceiling lights are key for any pantry. They tend to get cluttered if they fall from organizational grace. Web believe the shelving needs to be open with organizers and containers in use to help with the Mise en Place concept. Half the homeowners like wicker baskets, the other half like to see everything at first glance. This is your design preference.
Pantry Storage Solutions in NJ

You do you…just let us know and we can design the shelving solution around your preferences.

Kitchen Pantry Design in NJ

Kitchen Pantry Design

Let us know what you are thinking and we can design your kitchen and it’s pantry in a way that meets you where you are. We do like organization, just the way our minds work. So if you need to tidy up your kitchen’s storage solutions, give us a call today. We can come to you, speak virtually or meet at out kitchen design showroom here >>>
It all starts with a phone call!

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