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What Makes a Good Kitchen Designer Great?


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What Makes a Good Kitchen Designer Great?

Our services go way beyond a basic job description for Kitchen Designers. what does a kitchen designer do? They...Most of the descriptions you find on the internet at and are superficial in scope and are really geared to students considering a career in kitchen design. I have been designing kitchens for over 20 years and have seen consumer trends and homeowner preferences vary dramatically based upon so many different criteria. I found the most important trait of a good kitchen designer is to listen closely to a customer. Certainly, the basics are required... 

A Good Kitchen Designer is

  • A good listener first.
  • A skilled project manager
  • Expertise in CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Knowledgeable in building codes & regulations
  • Has an in-depth knowledge of kitchen building materials commonly used
  • Has experienced design trends change over a period of 10-15 years 
A good kitchen designer must make sure that your kitchen is functional, easy to navigate, comfortable for the primary users and up to building code.

Materials & Technology Change Faster Than Trends

What has changed more than kitchen design trends is the technology found in today’s 
Good Kitchen Designers in NJappliances and the materials used to create kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting designs. At Tobias Design, we have made it our mission to stay on top of all the newer materials being used to build kitchens and be open minded enough to compare these newer products with the more traditional kitchen construction materials. Today we can answer the questions you may have with thoughtful, tested comparisons. Such as:

Qualities of a Good Kitchen Designer

There are a number of qualities that make a good kitchen designer exceptional. Our customers wish to see their own personal stamp on the kitchen of their dreams. Yes, that is why they come to us, they want their dream kitchen to become a reality and many have been envisioning their dream kitchen for years. As I mentioned earlier, we need to first listen closely and take good notes. We also need to ask the right questions to pull this visual from their minds eye. The other qualities of a good kitchen designer are to be a good communicator. I often use the phrase, “Here is what I heard you say…” and I repeat back what I heard. I have to remember; my job is to make “The Customers Vision” a reality…not what I have interpreted I have heard.

A good kitchen designer

  • Is a good communicator
  • Is a good organizer
  • Has a keen eye for details
  • Is Budget conscious and recognizes value
  • Understands visual appeal
My ability to blend colors, recall intricate details and vast knowledge of materials will all fall on deaf ears if I fail to connect with you and your vision. I think that is what sets us apart from other kitchen designers in the region. My ability to communicate effectively with you…the homeowner. 

Professional Kitchen Designer in New Jersey

Let’s start building a good working rapport. Allow me the opportunity to hear your vision, that recurring dream that makes you smile. It all starts with scheduling a call together. We can also use Facetime or Zoom if you are more comfortable with technology. Nancy is my assistant and you can reach her here: 609.466.1445

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