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5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Consider


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5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Consider

So much focus goes into kitchen cabinetry, choosing the right appliances and the countertops that will make Vinyl Plank Flooringyour kitchen stand out amongst others. No doubt these selections are very important. Today I wanted to share some insights that often brings harmony and style to your new kitchen design. Choosing the right kitchen flooring is a key ingredient and should not be overlooked. Below are the 5 more popular trends we expect to continue into 2019.

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Kitchens

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) vinyl flooring is considered the wave of the future. WPC vinyl flooring is 100 percent waterproof and designed for durability. It comes in many different looks, including natural, distressed or handscraped wood. It’s low maintenance, especially when compared to wood. WPC vinyl resists stains and will last for years. However, vinyl flooring is not one of the most environmentally friendly products. There are different grades of luxury vinyl plank flooring and we recommend you choose products that will last longer than the cheaper grades. You don’t want to pay for a product that will not hold up over time.
Pros of WPC Vinyl Flooring


Cons of Vinyl Plank Floors

Associated Health Risks
Accessibility Concerns
Minimal Return on Investment
Susceptible to Fading and Denting
Substrate Sensitivity
Limited Longevity
Environmental Impact
Floor Plan Complications

Ceramic “Wood Look” Tiles

The wood-look for kitchens is still trending, but natural wood and Vinyl Planks are not your only options. Both ceramic and porcelain Tile products can provide the wood look you are looking for in your kitchen and offer a tremendous return on your investment should you decide to sell your home in the coming years. That is not the case with vinyl flooring.
Ceramic Wood Tile
It’s amazing how close these tiles look to the real hardwood products without the higher costs you may encounter. Natural wood floors also require periodic maintenance where tiles are easier to clean or replace if they chip. The biggest con with a tile floor is that grout can be difficult to maintain. But there are cleaning products on the market that do a wonderful job addressing grout discoloration. With tiles, you can recreate some wonderful patterns and mimic very expensive wood grains that just can’t be achieved with other options.

Bamboo Flooring for Kitchens

Bamboo flooring has been a trend for years and plenty of blogs boast about the clean and natural look. Bamboo is a very sustainable, naturally occurring and several species make for a very durable flooring material. It grows fast and is renewable. However, you do need to look for products that have been certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure high-quality manufacturing practices and eco-friendly harvesting has taken place for the products you are considering.

Bamboo flooring has limited shades and tones and it does have a contemporary feel. I am not a big fan of bamboo primarily because it does not hold up well when too much water is introduced. Dishwashers break, hot water heaters corrode, and plumbing issues do happen and when water get’s under the bamboo planks, they do buckle or warp. It is also prone to scratches and for that reason, we are not big fans.

Distressed Wood Flooring for The Country Look

Distressed wood flooring is often a request for those redoing a kitchen and the client appreciates the country or farm house motif for their remolded kitchen. Natural hardwood floors are still the preferred option for most clients that want wood flooring. When presented with the options above and price comparisons are made, many clients choose more affordable options. Now distressed wood does not have the high polish. It features the natural texture, color and grain variations that many kitchen designers call personality and rustic charm.
The matte finish often used for distressed hardwood flooring also helps hide dirt and dust buildup in your home. We see the distressed wood flooring as a temporary trend that may fade away in a few years. So if resale value is on your mind, that is important to consider. One of our favorite traditional kitchen designs is this Country Kitchen in Northwest New Jersey and it features beautiful distressed wood flooring that the client fell in love with.
Kitchen Planner in New Jersey

Cork Flooring

Cork is becoming a popular kitchen flooring trend. It’s soft and cushiony, making it gentler on your knees and angles. It has a soft surface, which offers protection for people prone to falls. Cork is eco-friendly. The problem with cork is that it is not as durable as other kitchen flooring products. It will need lots of TLC. Your pets can scratch cork, as can your high heels, chairs and appliances. Cork does have antimicrobial properties that are beneficial in the kitchen. But it is trendy, and clients do ask about cork for kitchen floors.

Kitchen Planner in New Jersey

As your kitchen designer in Central New Jersey, we take a wholistic approach to kitchen design. It all starts with a conversation about what your own personal tastes and desires for your kitchen remodeling project. You have probably reading blog posts like this one and visiting kitchen designers on for weeks or months by now. Let us help you organize some of those thoughts spinning around in your mind and together we can develop a plan for your new kitchen that brings together the best ideas into one clear picture. Give us a call today and let’s get started! Call us at (609) 466-1445

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